The Farm

Fitness Farm Foods

Beets in a basket
Beautiful Beets from Fitness Farm.


We grow vegetables using organic and sustainable methods on a 1/2 acre (soon to double) in the southeast corner of the Fitness Farm property.  Our produce is available at these local markets:

We are always looking for new markets so if you have a suggestion or a contact at a market, please let us know!



Fall at Fitness Farm means nut season!  Did you know we have over 40 nut trees on the property?  These are pecan trees grafted onto hickory root stock and produce delicious nuts.  You are welcome to wander the grove, just look for the trees planted in a grid and marked with a numbered tag.


Mushrooms a poppin’

Shitake Mushrooms grown at Fitness Farm

At Fitness Farm we grow mushrooms year-round.  Delicious and healthy shiitake, oyster, lion’s mane and more.  These can be purchased at most of the markets above.  In season, we harvest wild mushrooms as well like chicken-of-the-woods, hen-of-the-woods, puffball and more.