Meet the Residents!

The Fitness Farm is home to a variety of animals, including chickens and pigs. Keep scrolling to read about our animals.


The three musketeers of the farm are Wilbur, Barnaby, and Socks. These older fellas spend their days napping and munching. When the weather’s nice, you may find them venturing out of their barn to explore the grounds. Wilbur is the black pig. Socks is the black pig with pink hooves, and Barnaby is the all-pink pig.


We have about 30 chickens that are laying eggs. Our collection of chickens also includes a rescued Ayam Cemani, also known as a goth rooster! (Note: we are aware of the chickens free-roaming on the farm. The goats were mischievous and made an opening into the chicken coop.)


If you visit the Farm, you may wonder where the goats are. During the Spring of 2023, we rescued goats wandering along the White River. We knew we could not be there forever home as we do not have adequate goat infrastructure. Fortunately, an Indianapolis family with an existing goat herd volunteered to adopt the goats. We moved Daisy, Buckley, Doris, and Opal in August 2023.